Care Instructions

How to take care of the Basketball Forever Gear. 

Apparel - Shirts and Hoodies 

Our apparel has the designs applied via a printing process called direct-to-garment (DTG) printing. 

The original apparel manufacturer's care instructions don't take into consideration the DTG printing process. So we suggest following the below to ensure your shirt or hoodie lasts as long as it should. 

  • Always machine-washed on cold, first turning the shirt of hoodie inside-out and use a gentle cycle, with a mild detergent and like colours.
  • It's preferable to hang-dry our products, however if tumble-drying, use a low cycle and check in on it regularly to ensure you don't leave it in longer than it needs. 
  • Do not iron on the prints! Use cool iron inside-out.



Wipe clean with a damp cloth in the spots where it's needed. If necessary, hats can be hand-washed cold. Don't use brushes.


Phone Cases

To clean a phone case, remove the case from your phone. Add a little mild soap to water, and dampen a cloth or sponge with it. With the damp cloth, rub your case gently in circles. Let your case air-dry at room temperature.